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The Komikerhjälpen Livestream!

On May 30th at 19:00, Komikerhjälpen will be having our first fundraising event! Some of the best comedians in Sweden will be coming together to try and laugh through the tough times on a YouTube livestream. Proceeds will go to professional comedians around the country that have lost gigs due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I'm really excited about the acts that will be participating. So far there are over three hours of content planned for that evening (get your energy drinks ready!). The livestream (on my YouTube channel) will showcase the wide variety of comedy in Sweden with sketches, improv, podcasts, testimonials, impressions, miming, singing, stand-up comedy (after eating hot peppers) and more!

It will be a night to remember and it's for a good cause. So spread the word, tune in, laugh with us and give if you can.

Jonathan Rollins

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